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09.16.23    His Love Is Eternal   Jessica Oliveira

09.09.23    The Death Sentence    Elder Dan Tullock

09.02.23    I Know Your Works    Elder Mario Edouard

08.26.23    He Came to Us    Pastor Justin Howard

08.19.23    Communion    Elder Shelton Charles

08.12.23    When He Comes   Pastor Justin Howard

08.05.23    Home Coming  Elder Dan Tullock

07.29.23    Palau Mission Update   Emily Schneider

07.22.23    Called Into Fellowship   Pastor Justin Howard

07.15.23    The Parable of the Toolbox  Elder Terry Davis

07.08.23    A Queen, A King, and a City Called Ninevah   Pastor Justin Howard

07.01.23    Lessons From Our Bible Friends  Pastor Justin Howard

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